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IsCoolLab is a software company that expertizes in the software technology for building smart automation and test automation.

We developed a unique and patented image-based technology to provide a universal and cross-platform software solution for industrial needs.

Using our solutions, valuable human resources can be relieved from tedious, repetitive, and monotonous works and create higher productivity.

More specifically, we offer the key to connect enterprises with industry 4.0 seamlessly.


Human Computer Interaction Smart Robot


U!Ocicat is a software tool based on image analysis technology that can record and replay GUI automation. It provides many kinds of image recognition methods to achieve reliable and precise GUI automation and software test automation



Users do not have to be capable of writing codes for using U!Ocicat. U!Ocicat can help to complete automation of software regression test and all kinds of automation requirements.

Image Technology

U!Ocicat applies a lot of advanced image recognition, image analysis, and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technologies to replace the activities of human eyes and brains for operating computer keyboards and mouses.

Test Case Management

By using U!Ocicat, users can easily support and manage complicated and considerable quantity of test cases for software automation.

Hardware Version

U!Ocicat’s hardware version is with specified image capture card and USB card. It can be applied for running on the environment without Operating System such as BIOS. This kind of testing environment is usually for IPC (Industrial PC) manufacturers, but not limited to IPC only.


U!Ocicat is not dependent on any specific platform. It can work on any kinds of platforms, including Windows, Web, Linux, iOS, DOS, XBox, PS/3, PS/4, Mobile, Tablets, etc.

Cross Programming Language

U!Ocicat can be released to any specified programming language for accommodating users’ existing automation works. With more flexibility, library version is also available for achieving users’ specific needs.

Record & Replay

Test Case Management


Main Solution for

Industrial PC/EMS

Software Company

Testing Consultation and Service

Applied To

  • BIOS/functional regression test automation for industrial computer and server manufacturing

  • Industry 4.0 machine tool automation in data collection, monitoring, and remote control

  • Smart software (robotic process automation) in building full automation

  • Software regression test automation

  • GUI automation, IoT and smart manufacturing.

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