[CTIMES Webinar] Overcoming Manufacturing Line Data Management Bottlenecks with RPA

In the process of promoting Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, and digitalization, how enterprises overcome the three major challenges of connectivity, technology silos, and overall digitalization will be the key to the success or failure of digital transformation. Especially as we enter the era centered around Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), the issue of “connectivity” has shifted from hardware extraction to the software level, and may even be exacerbated by technical barriers caused by data silos, making it difficult to implement existing automation and digitization technologies in industrial environments.

For example, common challenges in industrial production such as handling non-structural data like CAD/CAM, integrating data formats from different software systems (MES, SFC, ERP) from various vendors, mixing multiple types of programming development tools, and even the high costs associated with increasing manpower, customizing connectivity APIs, or developing proprietary solutions.

In this webinar, Professor Yung-Pin Cheng will share his technical expertise, along with relevant case studies and experiences, on how to successfully overcome the data management bottlenecks in manufacturing lines through the implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), helping companies to successfully cross the final mile of digital transformation.